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My name is Natasja Twickler, I'm in my late 30s, married to Roy and mother of a son called Jeremy. After my dads sudden death I stepped up to go further in our shared passion: PHOTOGRAPHY. Although my dad mostly did portraits and nature photography my "game" area is action photography with a specialization on war, combat & airsoft photography. However I can do portraits and other sports photography too.

I'm the main media operator and photographer of our airsoft team Dutch Reapers SOG and because of that you will find me on several airsoft sides in The Netherlands but also across the borders. For instance this april I went to BorderWar in the Czech Republic.

Why did I chose war photography?

Well to be honest I want to show the destruction war causes. Not only for civilians or countries but mainly I want to show people what war does to our armed forces, they fight for our freedom! I have a huge respect for all veterans and current serving men and women around the world. We all know the stories about PTSD, TBI etc but no one really is seeing the damages it causes to the men and women. For that my focus will be on the troops and not on civilians or countries. Their story needs to be seen and told!!

For now just enjoy my website and pictures. Be sure to check again every once in a while, I will post new pictures when I can. If you have any questions or you want do to a special photography shoot don't hesitate to contact me. 


Natasja Twickler
BeyondFaith Photography